Early Stages of Childhood Development: This session will give you a brief overview of the developmental stages of childhood and helpful hints on parenting and educating your child with age appropriate techniques.

Breaking the Cycle: This session will provide you with the tools to stop the abuse and neglect cycle that you may be caught in from past generations. The intent is to challenge cycles that hinder positive parenting abilities.

Communication: Positive communication is not the easiest to achieve, especially with our children. Learn how to get children to talk and how to be a good listener. You will learn when and where are the best times to get children and teens to communicate and how to accomplish this.

Parenting Wisely: "Parenting Wisely" approach by Don Gordon Ph.D. This program will teach methods for improving family relationships by building respect among family members by reducing the number of fights and arguments.

Alternative Parenting Techniques: This session teaches parenting techniques using the Love and Logic model which take the heat out of arguments and increases compliance.

Budgeting and Community Resources: Learn how to create a budget that works for you from start to finish. Attendees will learn tips on how to earn extra money to help stretch the budget. Parents will also learn how to find additional resources offered in the community.

Protective Parenting by Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center (WASAC): This session focuses on information about incest and child sexual abuse, ways to approach personal safety with various ages of children, strategies for responding if a child discloses abuse, and how to report child abuse.

Stress and Time Management: This session focuses on learning how to manage your time and stress level through relaxation and time management techniques.