Housing the Homeless

Thursday, March 30, 2017
8:30 am12:30 pm
MHA Training Room

8:30 - 9:45
Officer Nate Schwiethale: Homeless Outreach Program

This course is designed to assist today’s law enforcement personnel, business owners, and community workers with the growing issue of homelessness in our communities. This course will provide participants with the resources needed to develop and or utilize police “Homeless Outreach Teams”. Throughout this course participants will receive valuable information regarding resources to use when encountering homeless individuals and families. Participants will gain the skills necessary to develop positive working relationships with various social service and faith based agencies and a sense of empathy toward the homeless population.


1. Develop partnerships with county, city and social service agencies in their community.
2. Recognize the benefits of having a Homeless Outreach Program in their community.
3. Utilize the modern method used by law enforcement in other cities to deal with the issue of homelessness either situational or chronic.
4. Show the benefits of having a Homeless Outreach program in their community and how this modern method of law enforcement has been successful in other cities.

Luella Sanders- Working Together to End Homelessness

Ms. Sanders is the lead of the Sedgwick County Continuum of Care. In her presentation, she will give an in-depth look at the CoC, it;s role in the community, and what they are doing to end homelessness.

• Understand the prevalence of homelessness in the Wichita-Sedgwick County area
• Recognize at least three strategies being used by the Continuum of Care to end homelessness
• Identify at least three factors impacting homelessness

Cynthia Martinez: Serving Students Experiencing Homelessness

Course Description:
The McKinney-Vento Program serves homeless children and youth. The program helps the students overcome obstacles and barriers to an education. Services include Academic Enrichment and educational support services, resources and referrals, parent education program and school supplies. Students get immediate nutrition services and if they qualify transportation services.

Course Objectives:
1. The attendees will have an understanding of the McKinney-Vento ACT
2. The attendees will learn what services USD 259 offers to families in the McKinney-Vento Program
3. The attendees will learn how the children are affected by being homeless
4. The attendees will learn how ACE’s (Childhood trauma) affects a child’s learning and behaviors

4 contact hours