How To Use Humor to Reframe What is Depressing Us

Friday, April 28, 2017
1:00 pm4:00 pm
WATC South Campus 2nd Floor Room F201

About the Author: John Shuchart, author of the humorous new book, "You are not the brightest of my four sons".. "and other depressing things that have been said to me" is a successful businessman, educator, and founder of The Schuchart Foundation for Mental Health Awareness. In the book he shares his moving story about growing up in an emotionally abusive home, suffering through life-threatening accidents and an addiction to prescription painkillers, and ultimately planning his suicide before starting his recovery from depression. Audiences across the Midwest are laughing, tearing up and praising Shuchart for his wit, passion and candor in revealing the traumatic events from his past and how he uses humor to move past them.

Overview: Shuchart is on a mission to help end the stigma associated with mental illness and its negative impact on people seeking treatment. His message is informative, moving and reassuring that with the proper treatment and support, most can successfully manage their mental illness.

- Describe how to use humor to reframe traumatic events and "unstick" the negative emotions tied to them
- Recognize what mental illness is, the stigma associated with it, and why we should not be embarrassed when talking about it
- Discuss how a call-to-action can help those with mental illness and what they can do to help end stigma

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