April is Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness month. While many people drink alcohol occasionally, more than 22.6 million (9.2% of the adult population) Americans struggle with addiction. Join us in spreading the word about this disease and the treatment available.

Did you know:
- 2.4 million adolescents have an alcohol or drug problem.
- 50% of adults have a family member with alcoholism.
- Alcoholism is the 3rd leading lifestyle related cause of death in the United States.
- "1 drink" is: a 12 oz bottle of beer, a 5 oz glass of wine or a 1.5 oz shot of liquor?

There are many things that you can do:
- Take a Day Off from drinking.
- Drink in moderation: 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men
- Seek help or refer a friend/loved one for help: Addictions @MHA 316.303.1508