As we prepare for Children’s Mental Health Awareness month in May, it is important to spotlight the prevention and intervention activities for children and youth and how it can start a dialogue for healthy thoughts.

Girl Empowerment Program— The girls group at Brooks Middle School made Rose Rings as a part of a recent lesson, “Connecting with Others.” This lesson helps the girls find commonalities amongst their differences and create a connection upon which to build a friendship.  The Rose Ring is made out of pipe cleaners so when they have things in common with another person in the group, they get to pick a colored pipe cleaner to create a rose ring.  By doing this activity, the girls are given an opportunity to express themselves, learn about others, and experience empathy and commonalities with one another. 

One girl’s mother fell in love with the her daughter’s Rose Ring and “thought it was the cutest thing ever!” The student explained the lesson behind the ring and made another ring to give to her mother. The student was so happy she made her mother smile with the ring. The mother wears her Rose Ring proudly.