Employment- It's Important

Employment is a cornerstone of recovery and most people with serious mental illness want to work. The dedicated MHA employment staff, Matt, Meriah, Tom, and Alisha, work tirelessly to make employment a reality for our consumers and just received high fidelity in implementing the Individual Placement and Support model of Supported Employment. More importantly, their efforts have resulted in:

Josh: Before working with his Supported Employment Specialist, Josh would get a job, lose interest and subsequently lose the job. After working with his employment specialist, Josh was hired “on the spot” for a temporary job with Walmart. He did such a good job, he was promoted and worked in several positions across several departments and was finally offered full-time employment. Josh is still working, going to school and has a goal of working full-time in the aviation field.

Jill: Jill wants to work and she has tried multiple employers and multiple times. She was often been successful in getting a job but within 2-3 months her symptoms caused her to lose that job. With the support of her employment specialist and case manager, Jill obtained a job at the Bone Fish Grill and in April, Jill will celebrate one year of continuous employment.

Joanna: Joanna had not worked since 2001. With the help of her employment specialist, Joanna obtained employment with Pizza Hut and will celebrate her one year anniversary. She is now saving money to buy a car as a way to further increase her independence.

*Names have been changed to respect the privacy of the consumer.