Illness Management and Recovery Program news

Illness Management and Recovery Program news

MHA is proud to announce that the Illness Management & Recovery (IMR) team has reached high fidelity! The team, consisting of three facilitators, has worked very hard to reach this achievement. The program had its first group of graduates last week. When these 6 individuals had their review with the KU reviewer they were very excited about the progress they have made and the support they get with this group.

IMR participants shared these things about their facilitators:
• “They are always giving us positive encouragement.”
• “They don’t criticize you.”
• “They aren’t afraid to share their own experiences.”
• “They acknowledge when you’ve done something well.”
• “They really supported me through my parents passing. They showed they cared.”
• “They are always positive.”
• “I know they care about what’s going on in my life.”
• “They remind me I’m not alone.”

When asked if IMR facilitator’s believe in their ability to recover, reclaim, and transform their lives, IMR participants answered in unison with a resounding, “YES!”

The IMR team is really excited about the progress made and looks forward to helping the next group of participants graduate as well.