Tragedy in Orlando and Trauma

Mental Health America mourns the victims in the tragic shootings in Orlando, Florida at Pulse Orlando Night Club. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, victims and everyone who has been affected by this horrific event. Terrorism and hate crimes have no place in any modern society, and we applaud so many of our national leaders who have condemned them while pledging to support everyone victimized by trauma in the Orlando community and the nation as a whole.

After a harrowing event, such as the Orlando shootings, many people may feel anxiety, trauma or merely unable to process or accept what has happened. Mental Health America has developed guidelines to help individuals cope with tragic events, which can be found at:…/post-traumatic-stress-….

Individuals experiencing delayed trauma or PTSD may also find it useful to seek professional help from a counselor or mental health professional. If you are in need of help, please do not hesitate to get help. The Counseling Center @ MHA can be reached at 316.652.2590.