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Centerpiece 16

I picked the color Carribean for calmness, gray for knowledge. and black for mystery.

I reflected on my career in the fire service, the good days and the challenging days.  I tried to minimize the noise and get to the core of the themes that ride in my mind when I enter the firehouse or when I am "resting" at home.


The firefighter career is challenging, so we work to build an endurance to face the mental and physical challenges of the job.  The core themes of Injury, Cardiac, Cancer, Line of Duty Death, and Retirement are factors that weigh silently in a firefighter's mind; if or when the factors happen, they affect firefighters, their families, and the community.


The stick figures are just a few of the general feelings people feel - happy, fighting to stay in the game, frustrated, mad, and exhausted.

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