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Centerpiece 5

On the worst days, my ADHD is a never-ending fireworks finale.  Imagine trying to hold a conversation on the dance floor of the loudest club you’ve ever been to, while the live band aims each of their speakers directly at you from two feet away.  Go ahead…finish a sentence or complete a thought.  Just try.

One or two words into whatever you’re trying to read?  POW!!!  Thinking about how best to start the first task of your day?  BLAM!!!!  And they don’t stop.  The constant cacophony of KABOOM, BANG, and SWOOSH drowns out any productive use of the bundle of nerves inside my skull.  If you see me, it would appear that I am sitting at my desk, possibly fighting a headache, in complete silence.  But inside, I’m waging the War of 1812 and clawing my way through muddy trenches in a nearly hopeless attempt to find the first word of an email that needs to go out in ten minutes.

I’m fortunate that these worst days are not common.  But not all of us are so fortunate.

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