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MHA relies on your investment of time, talent and treasure to continue our important mission on behalf of everyone in south central Kansas.  If you are one of the 20% of people in our community who deals with a mental illness, or you know someone who is, please consider any of the following ways of ensuring our continuing ability to serve the health needs in and around Wichita.


Thank you for your consideration and contribution. 


If you prefer to mail a donation, please send it to:
Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas
555 North Woodlawn, Suite 3105
Wichita, KS  67208.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about giving opportunities at MHA, please call 316.651.1212.

Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!


Amazon Wishlist

Our MHA Amazon Wishlist has items that are needed in a variety of areas in our agency.

Dillons Community Rewards

Dillon's Community Rewards  (costs you NOTHING - just helps Kroger/Dillons direct their own charitable investment)

roundup app

RoundUpApp (send the spare change from your credit card purchases to support MHA)


PayPal   (Scan the PayPal QR code to make a one-time cash gift.)


ACH (Downloadable form to sign-up to make a RECURRING monthly gift without ever needing a stamp or envelope!)

Cash or checks

Investing in mental health with outright cash gifts is one of the easiest ways to give any amount.  Such gifts may be mailed to the attention of our Development office at 555 N. Woodlawn, Ste. 3105 / Wichita KS  67208. 

planned gifts

Bequeath a percentage of your assets, a specific dollar amount, or a non-cash asset through your will or trust.

life insurance

MHA is able to accept paid-off and fully-funded whole and universal life insurance policies.  These may be distributed in two ways.  During life, MHA may be made the beneficiary of the policy through a simple paperwork change through your insurance agent.  Or, policies may be one of the assets set aside for charities through your will or trust.  

retirment accounts

 MHA is equipped to accept all - or portions of - un-needed retirement accounts such as IRA’s (traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple, etc) and 401k’s.  MHA may be listed directly on the account paperwork as the beneficiary, or the account may be one of the assets you choose to set aside to fulfill your charitable goals through your will or trust.  Either way, please contact our Office of Planned Giving at 316.651.1241 to make them aware of your charitable intent and to discuss how those funds should be used.

stocks and bonds

In times of strong financial growth, appreciated stock and bond portfolios often create a substantial capital gains tax burden.  In order to avoid these taxes, portions of these portfolios may be gifted directly to MHA.  Working with your financial advisor to make the transfer direct keeps you from personally taking possession of the returns, thereby avoiding the income tax hit that you would incur if you acted as a pass-through.  

Consumer wishlist

Give a gift to one of the community members we serve. Check the selection of hygiene, household and gift ideas requested by our consumers. Purchased items can also be shipped directly to MHA. 

Consumer Wishlist is also home to our annual Adopt-a-Bell program during Christmas. 

real estate and non-cash assets

MHA is equipped to accept a wide variety of non-cash assets, from real estate like homes and commercial property to art, stamp, and coin collections, capital manufacturing equipment, farm commodities like wheat and livestock, musical instruments, and more.  Each type of asset is subject to unique tax implications for the donor, as well as to MHA’s Gift Acceptance policy, so the intent to give these types of gifts should be discussed with our Development office at 316.651.1241.  In addition to helping you dispose of assets which you cannot otherwise use – or might subject you to capital gains taxes if you did – this option allows you to continue supporting the causes that matter to you without cutting into your cash supply. 

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