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Volunteers are integral to our organization. Last year, volunteers provided more than 67,000 hours of service to MHA and its clients. MHA is always in need of those willing to spend their time helping to address the issues of homelessness, broken families, at-risk children, and more who come through our doors every day.  So how can you help?


We have mentoring opportunities for those wishing to work with youth, peers, or struggling fathers.


Participate in one of our fundraising committees or fundraise on your own.


We have a large variety of Internship opportunities available and strongly encourage students to intern to gain valuable experience and knowledge while still in school.

Special Events

Do you like to host special events or parties? Have a fundraising special event for MHA and help us combat stigma and raise awareness of mental illness.

Guest speakers

Have expertise in areas of mental health, treatment or another related topic? Become a guest speaker for one of our educational opportunities.

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