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Individual Counseling

Individual sessions with counselors are focused on consumers understanding their powerlessness, unmanageability and the consequences are their addiction.  Counselors assist the consumer’s motivation for change in their life.  

Family Counseling

Family Counseling helps the family understand how the consumer’s addictive behavior has impacted the family as a unit.  Family Counseling also helps to identify other family members who may have addiction, codependency, find Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA).  Family Counseling can assist the family to learn together in private sessions/ or a group sessions to potentially preserve the family as a unit. 

Outpatient/ Intensive Outpatient Groups

Outpatient/Intensive Outpatient has services available including group therapy, individual counseling, alcohol and drug education, recreational therapy, relapse prevention, and an introduction to support groups. Some groups focus on special topics like assertiveness, stress management, relapse prevention, and family dynamics.

Peer Led Seeking Safety

This peer treatment group is based on five central ideas: 1) safety is the priority 2) consumers ideas 3) cognitive behavioral changes 4) integrated treatment of PTSD and substance abuse 5) attention to the consumers’ process. 

Peer Mentor services can begin prior to the consumer ceasing drug/alcohol use.  Peer mentors help those in recovery helping lean how to live a healthier sober life.  Peer Mentors share their recovery story with consumer to help encourage the belief that change is possible.  

Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent treatments offers group therapy, family therapy, individual counseling, alcohol and drug education, recreational therapy, relapse prevention, introduction to support groups, and life skills training.

Co-Occurring Treatment

MHA’s co-occurring group is uniquely designed to have a substance abuse counselor and therapist in the group setting.  This group is designed to treat the mental health disorder and substance abuse by clinicians at the same time.

DUI Assessment

DUI are offered by walk-in or by appointment.  MHA’s substance abuse program is certified by Kansas to provide DUI evaluations.