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Connie Busy

Connie BucyLSAC, LAC, has worked in the substance abuse field for 35 years and has seen many changes. Besides working with those addicted; she does a lot of work with families of alcoholics to include children and adult children of alcoholics and codependents.  Even after 35 years she continues to have a passion for her work and client growth.  For fun she enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with friends.  She has been an avid horseback rider and dancer.  She has a special interest in Native American culture and spirituality as reflected in Native American articrafts which she says is her therapy. Connie is now a therapist for the Addictions Treatment Center at the Counseling Center.

Shawna Allen, LMSW, LMAC:    Shawna worked in the early childhood education field for 7 years and then transitioned into case management with children for 4 years in the Mental Health field.  Shawna then took a position working with the homeless who were identified to have mental illness and substance abuse.  Shawna has worked with the co-occurring population for the past 8 years.  She has also specialized in traumatic brain injuries and crisis intervention.  After graduating from Newman University with her Master’s in Social Work, Shawna took a position with the Mental Health Association as the Program Director of the Substance Abuse program.