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Adult Peer Support in Wichita

Peer Support is available to individuals who are referred through MHA Case Management. Peer Support Services are peer-to-peer services designed to promote skills for coping with and managing mental health symptoms as well as developing a network of information and support from others who have been through similar experiences.

Support includes:

  • Group and individualized work providing information and helping consumers identify and share what works in their recovery.
  • Sharing experiences and creating new strategies related to individual goals.
  • Regaining the ability to make independent choices and taking a pro-active role in treatment.
  • Accessing new resources and enhancing natural resources to build a network for information and support.
  • Implementing the expansion of skills and attempt to practice those skills in the community to move forward in the recovery process.
  • Disseminating information regarding recovery tools, educational and vocational opportunities within the community as part of the recovery process.

  • For more information contact 316.685.1821 ext 1283.