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MHA, along with Foulston Construction ( and the Mahaney Group ( invite you to be a part of our 7 day challenge to embrace hope. Join us May 23-29 as we embrace hope in our world through our actions and words. Each day you will be asked to execute a daily theme. Themes include concepts like kindness, gratitude, connectivity, and respect. I know you were searching for a way to make a difference and HERE IT IS. Register below to help make a difference and to receive updates for the 7 day challenge.

The seed behind this event was an initiative launched by a family in Ohio as a way of recognizing those who supported them during the loss of their son.  It commemorates the coming together of a community to serve a purpose greater than any one of them, and how words and acts of encouragement in difficult times can spread like the rings on a pond.  MHA is using it also to remind people of the importance of checking in on friends, family, and other loved ones as we all struggle with mental health issues, especially in the face of this pandemic which has exacerbated already growing mental health needs by creating isolation and economic hardship for so many.

For more details, email the event coordinator at hillary.zwetzig@mhasck,org, or simply click here to register! Join as an individual, team, or organization, and post your pictures, videos, paragraphs, etc. of you spreading kindness, inspiration, gratitude, and more to those around you; and do so using #MHAembracinghope.  Help spread the word and spread HOPE!

May 23: Kindness
May 24: Inspiration
May 25: Connection
May 26: Respect
May 27: Gratitude
May 28: Generosity
May 29: Fitness - In line with the last day's theme, there will be an optional fitness walk from 10 am to noon at Sedgwick County Park.  It is a come-and-go event, and along the route of the walk will be various stations offering walkers ways to be involved.  There will also be snacks and prizes for those who choose to participate.  

Media authorization
By registering, I give permission to be photographed with still or motion pictures, or both, and/or voice reproduced. I agree to the use of such photographs/voice reproductions/live broadcast /social media posts that pertain to this event for publicity and promotion purposes of the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas and waive all claims for further compensation for such use or for damages. I waive any rights that I may have to inspect or approve the finished product or the copy that may be used in connection with the use of such photographic/voice reproductions.

7 Days of Hope