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Helen* was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her 72nd birthday.  And although she achieved full remission, the situation reminded her of the importance of making her end-of-life plans.  Among her assets was a variable life insurance policy that she had bought years earlier in order to avoid burdening her children with her funeral costs.  However, that plan had grown substantially over the years and was larger than needed.  After taking out some cash value to cover her funeral costs for the future, she decided to change the beneficiary information on the policy to MHA of South Central Kansas.

As a result, Helen is now a member of our Bell Society, has protected her children from the cost of her funeral, and is free to pass along all of her financial and material assets to children and grandchildren.

To talk to someone about whether gifting a life insurance policy makes sense for you, call 316.651.1241 for a free consultation.

* Names changed to protect anonymity.