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Stan and Eloise* had made small, annual gifts to MHA each December, but didn't feel as though they could continue that support through their estate plan due to their limited assets.  However, they enjoyed showing off a coin collection left to them by Eloise's grandfather.  And they still maintained - in working order - a  restored 1938 Buick Century that Stan had purchased for the family shortly after he returned from the war.

Assets like these - as well as farm commodities like cattle and wheat, art pieces, even depreciated capital equipment - can all be gifted through a cooperative arrangement with the Wichita Community Foundation.  Or, if you choose to gift these assets through your will, you will become a member of the prestigious Bell Society.  For information on how, or what types of assets we can receive through this arrangement, or questions about how to give such assets, call 316.651.1241 for a free consultation.  

* Names changed to protect anonymity.