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Including MHA in your will or trust is the ultimate compliment that you can give.  If you have been supporting community mental health on an annual basis, then you recognize the importance that our organization plays in a stronger and healthier Kansas.  Wouldn't you like to be able to continue that support even after you're gone?

MHA is able to accept planned gifts in a variety of ways.  The most common is through a percentage of your will or trust.  Not only does this ensure that you will have full access to your financial resources throughout your lifetime, but it also guarantees a final gift to MHA, regardless of what your needs may be throughout your later life.  One option is to treat charity as an additional child by splitting your assets three way between your two children and your favorite causes.  Or you may simply ask yourself, "Could my children get by with 95% of my estate?", and then set that last 5% aside for charitable causes in your will.

Another choice would be to set aside a particular asset in your will to be designated toward MHA at the time of your passing.  This may be a financial asset such as a life insurance policy, a 401k or IRA, or an investment portfolio.  It may also be a non-cash asset like a home or rental property, farm ground, vehicle, art or antiques, etc. 

No matter the type or size of the gift, your decision to include MHA makes you a member of the Bell Society, and is an unparalleled honor for all of us.  Call 316.651.1241 to find out how to make your wishes known.