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Leroy and Eva* have been supporting MHA on an annual basis for many years, and recently realized that making a direct transfer of stocks each year, instead of just writing a check, allowed them to make a larger gift at less cost to them.

                                                 Cash              Stock

Gift amount                            $1,000             $1,250

Income tax savings                $280                $350

Cap gains tax savings            $0                    $188

Net cost of giving                    $720                $713

Leroy and Eva are in the 28% tax bracket, and a higher tax bracket would make the stock gift even MORE beneficial.  If you are interested in making a gift of appreciated stocks or bonds to MHA, contact your broker and provide them with our DTC # (0793), name registration (Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas) and account # (43516232) to complete an electronic transaction.  Or, if you'd rather make the gift via wire, use ABA #101100029 and Intrust Bank operating account #41473604.

Gifts of stock can also be given through your will or trust, which would make you a member of our prestigious Bell Society.  Call 316.651.1241 for more information.

* Names changed to protect anonymity.